Sunday, March 24, 2013

You Asked, We'll Answer

Below are common questions we come across.

How much does a fitting cost?
Fittings are complimentary at The Girls Bra Shop.

How much does an average bra cost?
There really is no such thing as an average bra. Each one has a dozen or so features that make it unique and special. We do try to carry something for every budget and have bras in our store that range from $60 to $145. Our prices are not determined by size but by the materials and manufacturing processed used.

Do I need to make an appointment?
Appointments are not necessary. Walk-ins are welcome in most boutiques. However, we recommend making appointments to guarantee you will have a fitter available during those unpredictable busy times.

How long does a fitting take?
That really depends on the purpose of your fitting: first time fitting, re-fitting, wedding, prom, swim, shapewear, etc. On average a fitting can take up to 30 minutes. 

Will I be naked?
Certainly not! Measurements are done over your clothing. You will then be presented with a series of bras for you to try on and help determine the proper fit. It is important once you have the bra on that your fitter see you in that bra so she can check the fit. At no time are you completely exposed.

How long will my bra last?
That really depends on the quality and care of the bra. On average the lifetime of a bra is 6-9 months. However, you can get a longer life out of bras by doing the following:
  • Invest in quality. The better the quality, the longer a bra will last. 
  • Buy more than one. Three to five quality bras is the recommended average. The more you can rotate your bras, the less wear you put on each one.
  • Take proper care of your bras. Hand wash your bras. Machines are known to break down the materials and damage the wires. This is especially true with foam lined bras. Store your bras without crushing them.
  • Put your bra on gently. Twisting a band around your torso and flipping your cups increase the wear and tear on your bra.
These tips work. I'm still wearing bras I bought 4 years ago and they look brand new.

How do I get rid of back fat?
A bra band needs to be snug to ensure the proper support. Some women are softer than others and will pillow a little in the back. This is natural and typically barely noticeable under clothing. There are a few bra brands who have bras with wider and flexible back bands to account for the softer back. Some of my personal favorites are Empriente, Chantelle Sexy Shaping and Elomi.

Ann & Tammy
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