Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bra Bling

I used to make fun of the bedazzler back in the 70’s but nowadays I like a little sparkle here and there. So imagine my excitement about bra bling. We always hear about how tacky it is to show your bra straps and yet the fashion industry keeps making tops that continue to expose the strap. And whether you are a B cup or G cup it’s never a good idea to go braless for the sake of a fashion top. So what do you do? Enter Exposed Envy, fashionable bra straps – a faux pas no longer but rather a fashion statement.

Not all of us feel confident wearing strapless bras. While we have found terrific brands for most sizes from A to G, that will stay put and give support, sometimes we might want a little extra assurance or maybe we want to add a little sparkle to our outfit. Rhinestones, pearls or maybe you lean towards classic silver. You can wear these straps everyday or for more formal occasions like a prom, wedding or cocktail party. Bra bling is an inexpensive way to glam up any outfit.

Don’t limit yourself to daywear, attach them to your bikini top and you will also look fabulous on the beach.

Drop by and see our collection of fashionable straps and strapless bras. Step out in style. 

Ann & Tammy
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