Sunday, April 7, 2013

T-Shirt Bras

Spring is here, summer around the corner. T-shirt weather!

And that means t-shirt bras. Smooth under your cutest t-shirt beauties.

Not every t-shirt bra is for every woman. Thankfully they come in many different varieties.

Most t-shirt bras are foam lined. Foam gives the breasts a uniform/symmetrical smooth shape without making you look bigger. Foam lined t-shirt bras come both underwired and wireless.

Some t-shirt bras are padded. These bras still give you a symmetrical and smooth shape while also making your breast look bigger.

There are plunging t-shirt bras that give a beautiful look to your low necklines.
Memory Foam

3D spacer bras are lighter and fit more naturally to the breast. Tiny bubbles allow the fabric to breathe while creating that desirable smooth look under your t-shirt.

Memory foam bras mold itself to the shape of each breast individually. Giving balance when one breast is larger than the other.

Molded bras provide a more natural look while still smoothing. These bras provide their shape using one piece of seamless material.

But don't rule out what we call everyday underwire bras. These bras are structured with flat seams that are virtually invisible under t-shirts. If you are looking for great lift and support as well as smoothing this is the type of bra you are looking for.

3D Spacer
Now that you have your t-shirt bra, it's important to take good care of it.
  • If your bra has foam or padding, do not leave one cup folded inside the other. This can break down the foam, which will eventually show under your fabulous t-shirts.
  • It's VERY important to hand wash, re-shape and hang to dry.
  • Storage is also important to ensure the cup does not get dented.
Happy t-shirt weather!

Ann and Tammy (and Katherine)
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