Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things: Travel Edition

With the nickname Gypsy Feet, there is no question that I love to travel. Three to four times a year you'll find me hopping on a plane to the next adventure. Tropical, third world, europe. I love it all.

With a bag always packed, I'm ready to go. Here are a few of my favorite things. Some can be conveniently purchased at The Girls. (Giggle.)

A. Mambo, my faithful travel companion. This little guy has been literally around the world and back.
B. Sunscreen picked up in Japan and menthol salve from Watkins.
C. Downy wrinkle free spray, travel size pit stick and a travel size flat iron.
D. This travel bag from LLBean can be hung up. You can also take the center piece out and hang it up in the shower. Love this feature in hotel and hostel showers.
E. Eucalan Lint Remover Sheets. "Simply peel off the back and then pat it on your garment to remove unwanted lint or hair." 20 sheets per packet. Sold conveniently at The Girls.
F. Eucalan Wipes. Blot or rub the wipe on the affected spot as soon as possible for stain treating. Also sold at The Girls.
G. An emergency kit of body tape for those fashion emergencies. Sold at The Girls.
H. Travel size of the Eucalan detergent. This is great for minimizing what you need to pack for long trips as you can quickly sneak a panty soak in the sink anytime. If you are concerned about liquid allowances, Forever New is a great alternative in the powder form. Both are sold at The Girls.

Ann & Tammy
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