Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Subtle and Fun Detail Often Overlooked...

This guest post is by Alaina Lockhart. Owner of Lockhart's Wedding & Special Occasions bridal boutique. 

For all the years you have dreamed about your wedding day, you have no doubt envisioned your gown, veil, and possibly your shoes but have you stopped to think about what intimate apparel you will want or need under your gown? It is actually one of the most commonly asked questions we receive from our brides. The reality is that there are no real rules when deciding what to wear. However, our best advice is to wear items that are going to complement your figure, provide comfort, and perhaps even add a touch of romance for your special day. Here are a few things to consider as you plan your wedding trousseau.  

What style is your gown?

A strapless gown - Many strapless gowns from the Lockhart's collection are crafted with boning and support through the bust. However, not all brides consider that support enough to feel comfortable. A bustier will provide support and lift while also slimming and smoothing through the waistline.   
The Mermaid gown – Mermaid style gowns are very popular at this time. Brides choosing this style will want to focus on garments that flatten the tummy and smooth out the hips and thighs. In order to maintain those lovely lines that drew you to the mermaid gown, consider a high waisted slimming garment 
A Sheath gown – Sheath dresses often are made of sheer fabrics such as chiffon. These fabrics have lovely flow, are light and very comfortable but are less forgiving of panty lines and such. Be sure to look for seamless garments that are a nude shade to ensure that your unmentionables don't steal center stage on your wedding day. 
Interesting necklines - Many gowns have very interesting necklines such as halters, deep sweethearts, or sheer insets. Keep this in mind when choosing a bra to ensure that you don't spend the day checking for wardrobe malfunctions. There are many options available such as convertible bras that allow for halter necklines and plunge cut bras to address your needs.

You will want to make decisions about your undergarment shortly after deciding on a gown as you will need to have them with you for your fittings. The seamstress will be able to provide a much better fit for you if she knows exactly the shape your body will be on your wedding day. But there is no need to be overwhelmed. 

Start by asking your bridal consultant what she thinks you will require and then seek out a specialty store such as The Girls Bra shop for your needs. We recommend that you have a proper bra fitting with one of their professionals before making your choice and then the sky is the limit in regards to the lacy bits you can choose from to complete your wedding day look.

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