Friday, January 6, 2012

Storage Wars

How do you store your bras? When you visit The Girls you will hear our fitters go over the care and keeping of your delicates: Don’t fold or invert your padded bras; lay them flat; always hand wash and hang to dry.
This will shorten the life of the bra
If you are like me you have a good collection of bras and it can be a challenge to store them all neatly in a tiny drawer. So here are a few ideas that may help you out.
If you have padded bras, than you need to take extra special in storing them.
Remember: Turning one cup inside out and folding it inside the other cup is a huge mistake many women make.
Try folding one pad inside out and you will feel the creases forming instantly. By storing the bra this way the creases will stay permanently and show through your clothing.

Lengthen the life of your bras by stacking them.
If you are going to store the padded bras in a drawer, stack them one on top of the other/ or one in front of the other allowing them to lay flat and not bend. Another option is to hang them. When I moved into my home several years ago, the previous owner had a shoe rack anchored to the inside wall of my closet. I never really used it for my shoes so one day I hung a bra there to dry. Voila, it became my new bra rack.

Storing lace and wireless bras are much easier, but still take care. You want to lay them neatly in the drawer, folded in half, one on top of the other or one in front of the other. If they are just tossed in the drawer you could risk twisting the wires and damaging you bras.

Traveling? The lace bras can be neatly stacked in your suitcase no problem. We have recommended to our clients that for travel you may have to fold over that padded bra just til you get to your destination but once there, unpack the padded bras and lay them flat. If you are creative with your packing you can always lay them flat and stuff the cups with softies like your socks and undies.

Brag storage case

Better yet, pick up a Brag bra bag and store your bras in style. The Brag is a hardcover case which store 2 -3 padded bras. It’s luggage for your lingerie. This makes a great gift idea too.

We have said it before that bras are the foundation of your wardrobe. Not only do they affect how you look but also how you feel each day. You’ve taken the time and money to invest in a proper fit, so it only makes sense you would want your investment to last as long as possible. 
Remember, the lifetime of a bra is about 6 – 12 months depending on how often. A little extra care and keeping of your bras can extend their life to twice as long.

Ann and Tammy

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