Monday, January 30, 2012

Meet The Girls: Kim

Kim Lidstone
Franchise Owner of The Girls
St. John's, NL

Why are you with The Girls?
Photo by Kelly Lawson
I always hated the bra shopping experience. Never knowing what size I was and having one breast larger than the other has always been difficult.  I thought I needed a padded bra to accommodate the smaller breast. I found that no one really explained to me what size I should be wearing and sales clerks never helped me find the right size or even checked in to see if I needed any help.  Sometimes, I brought a dozen bras of different sizes to the change room, desperate to find something suitable.  I often bought a bra, only to find when I put in on at home, it was the wrong size band or cup.

On a trip to another province, I had my first ever bra fitting. I left with a great bra. From that day forward, I knew Newfoundland needed a bra shop, so I opened one myself! We offer our clients a professional bra fitting in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, with access to a large variety of beautiful, proper fitting bras. We pamper our clients because we believe women deserve to feel good from the inside.

What is your favorite part about being with The Girls?
The smile on ladies faces when they first look in the mirror to see what a proper fitting bra can do for their appearance. Suddenly, they are standing straighter and taller with their shoulders back, and I can see the transformation as they begin to feel more confident and beautiful.  Not only do the bras fit well but they are so pretty.  Many women say they finally feel sexy again, and they leave with a new spring in their step.

Tell us about yourself (kids, hobbies, activities…what do you do outside of the store?)
I have a great supportive husband and the cutest little Yorkie dog who we think is our little girl. I love to toll paint, garden and decorate.  Perhaps when I retire I'll become a fortune teller since my friends say I have psychic abilities. I guess you can say I also have a sense of humor. I never take life to seriously. 

What is your secret skill or superhero power? 
My ability to find the humor in things.

What advice or tip can you give other women?   
Color outside the lines, think outside of the box, and it's never too late to be the best you can be. There's nothing you can't conquer if you put your heart and mind into it.  

Ann and Tammy

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