Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Under Cover Agent

We spend a lot of time focusing on bras and a proper fit, but what about the southern hemisphere? What you wear on the bottom half can make or break your outfit too. Visible Panty Line is just wrong and with all the different styles available it can easily be prevented.

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Thongs are even diverse within the category. The string is still available for those who want them but a lot of brands are designing their thongs with a little wider back so you don’t get that dental floss feeling.   While thongs will be good at preventing panty line they may not create the smoothest look.  If this is something you are concerned about you may want to try a shaper panty.

Shapers come in boy leg, thigh or legging. The beauty of shaper style bottoms is that they give a little lift while smoothing out your curves. Most shaper bottoms feature a blend of moisture wicking, breathable fibres that let you work, exercise and play in confidence.This makes shapewear very versatile. Perfect for evening wear, formal wear, gym wear—no matter how clingy or sheer, these bottoms vanish beneath it.

Invisibles - Completely smooth, seamless briefs ensure no panty line under lightweight summer outfits. Laser cut thongs that lay smooth and flat on your derrière. Without elastic or trim, laser cut eliminates panty lines and hip gouging forever. Soft, stretch styles are incredibly comfortable; choose nude shades for complete invisibility.

Freya Loretta Bra and
Fashion Panty
Fashion Panties are the way to make a women feel beautiful top and bottom. With brands like Fantasie, Freya and Chantelle designing your briefs and boy shorts you can be assured that you will be sitting on luxury. They provide the maximum amount of comfort to the wearer, using the same feminine, delicate fabrics and laces that are used in their matching bras.

They are called underwear for a reason so be sure to keep them under wraps, whatever the occasion. “Showing off your Undies” is right next to “Visible Panty Line” on the don’t list. Remember, when you are wearing white pants; opt for a nude - invisible under your garments. 

Whether you love the look and feel of a full back panty, or enjoy the assurance that you've got no lines that a comfortable thong offers, we've got exactly what you're looking for. We have the panties you need to suit your comfort and style.

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