Friday, June 10, 2011

An Experience (We Trust) You'll Enjoy

I recently read a post on a blog I enjoy about this customer's recent experience at a lingerie boutique she visited. Without going into detail, she did not enjoy it. Her review was such an eye opener to the poor service that is out there. You can read her post here.

It got me to thinking about the vision we had and still have for The Girls. Not only do we want women to find the right fitting bra for their shape and lifestyle, and not only do we want every woman do be able to own beautiful bras, but we want to provide it in an environment that makes every client feel good about themselves and their experience.

The Girls in Rothesay, NB
You see, Ann and I are both women who enjoy quality product and expect a certain level of service. I personally shop at a store based on the level of knowledge and friendly service they give me. Yes, I expect to walk into a clothing store and have one of their sales people help me find the perfect top and pant for my body. I expect waitstaff at a restaurant to keep my water glass full without me asking and to be able to make smart menu recommendations based on my likes. And I expect them to do it with a sincere smile. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so. :)

That's why when Ann and I founded The Girls, we spent a lot of time and money on research and training. We still do and have proudly claimed being among the top fitters in Canada since our first year.

We surrounded ourselves with a team of women who really care about their clients and are passionate about helping women get the right and beautiful fit. We focused on even the slightest details, such as making sure the color and lighting of our fitting rooms compliment a woman's skin color. All because we want The Girls Bra Shop to be a place we, The Girls, would shop in.

The Girls in St. John's, NL
From the moment you walk in to the moment you leave we want you to feel taken care of and special by our expert and caring team. Clients tell us regularly that we've achieved this. One gal even wrote on her facebook wall that she was feeling blue one day and needed a trip to The Girls to brighten her day. I was over the moon reading that!

We hope your experience is the same.

Ann and Tammy
real women. real bras. real beauty. ©2011, The Girls Bra Shop Inc.
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