Sunday, September 8, 2013

How Do I Tell Someone They Need a Better Bra?

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I actually get asked this question a lot. "How do I tell my friend/mom/sister/aunt/ grandmother/wife that they need a better bra?"

Start with experiencing it for yourself. Go for a fitting and find those bras that are perfect for you and make you feel beautiful. We are so confident about the experience that sharing it with your friends will come naturally to you. We all love to brag up our great finds.

Share with her how amazing you feel now that you are wearing bras that fit you perfectly. Gush about how you feel and what a difference it is making for you.

That's actually how we started The Girls. We would go for evening walks and I'd be flashing Ann on Vincent Road telling her all about these great fitting bras. "It's also beautiful. Look!"

Odds are your friend will want to experience it for herself. Tell your friend if she prints off the referral poster and brings it into the store, you both get $10 off your next bra.

Ann and Tammy
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