Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prom: Finding the Perfect Dress and Bra

New fashions are arriving weekly at local boutiques and we're getting prom fever! Such a magical night.

When you go dress shopping for that absolute to die for dress, don't forget about the bra. The right fitting bra will give you the shape, comfort and confidence to really stand out.

Going Strapless?

A strapless bra is a specialty bra that is strong enough to support your girls without extra help from the straps. Most of the time this type of bra comes with straps and can then be worn as an everyday bra, halter style or cross back style for racer back shirts.

Strapless bras do not suit every body type but the amazing styles we have are the best on the market.
Tip: When trying on a convertible bra, remove the straps to see how it feels if you are planning on wearing it as a strapless bra. Not all convertible bras are meant to be worn strapless.

Smooth Operator

When you get fitted for a prom dress you may find you want or need shapewear, like spanx. Good shapewear smooths out your curves and can make your prom dress fit better. Many prom dresses have boning throughout the dress. Good shapewear can relieve some of the stress and discomfort from this boning.

Tip: Be sure to take along the bra and shapewear you plan to wear prom night to any and all dress fittings, as it can significantly impact necessary alterations. And vice versa, if you already have your dress, take it with you to your bra fitting.
Calvin Klein

Perfect Panties

What you want in a panty will depend on the fit of your gown and overall desire for comfort. Too-tight undies cause unsightly lumps and bulges that you can see through your dress, so choose a seamless panty. There are plenty of materials to choose from. If prettiness is a factor, go for lace. If you're only concerned about function, choose a panty that is breathable.


When to Buy The Bra

Since every gown is about as different as every girl's body, we recommend you talk to a fitter that you trust. Before committing to the dress, make sure you can get the proper bra, shapewear and panties to go under it.

Like the dress, you may need to order the bra or shapewear that you want. Allow for the same amount of time as your dress to be ordered.

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