Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Bra & Panty Travel Solution

This guest post is by Elaine Shannon. Executive Producer and Host of Simply Zen TV . Inspiring and Informing viewers with concrete ways of improving their Spiritual, Mental and Physical well BE-ing. Simply Zen can be seen on Bell Aliant’s Community One Channel or online on the Bell Aliant Website.

I was introduced to THE braBAG & THE pantyPAK by my friends at The Girls Bra Shop located in Rothesay, NB Canada. As a frequent traveller and lover of all things organized they thought I would find this product to be not only pretty but functional.

These very girlie looking products are for packing your wardrobe foundation pieces. You know the delicates that you launder so carefully and then when you travel they get thrown in a suitcase with everything including your dirty shoes. Some people might even suggest packing these delicates in your shoes to save space...can we say yuck! Well not anymore.

THE pantyPAK

Let’s start with the panties. This two sided zippered garment holder has a side for the clean ones and then a side for, as it says, ‘not so clean’ ones. I loved this tagging that leaves nothing to guesswork. You know what that means...forgetting which compartment you have the dirties in can be somewhat stressful. This is a great product feature for sure.

Capacity is also important for travellers these days. With increased baggage costs and weight restrictions, packing efficiently is the key to travel. On average for a one week vacation you would want at least seven pairs of undies or even more if you are travelling to a hot climate and frequent changes are required. We had some fun with this and the Gals from The Girls Bra Shop challenged me on how many pairs of panties would fit in this handy travel gadget. They got six pairs in the clean side and six pairs in the unclean side and a bottle of forever new detergent in the middle. Great to have if you don’t mind doing a bit of laundry while on vacation.  I tried a different strategy and packed for the vacation on the clean side without adding the detergent...sorry no laundry chores while I am on vacation. I was able to fit; three cotton type, two thongs and three nylon type. I was happy with this amount and if I had all nylon ones I would have been able to get at least 10 pairs in.       
Another great option with this pantyPAK would be the carry handles that upon first observation is just another handle. However for those of us that like to dress after showering the pantyPAK can be hung on the doorknob or on the hook on the back of the bathroom door. Making this added feature very useful.   

The braBAG comes in two convenient sizes. I was glad to hear that because I got the product to test and was disappointed when my ample Brazziere did not fit the first one.  The braBAG BUXOM is perfect us curvy a company that makes products for ‘real girls’.

A foundation garment like the bra is the staple of a great wardrobe. They put everything in place and make you look great, I might add, the right bra can also make you look slimmer. These garments are an investment and a delicate underwire could be damaged quite easily if left loose in a cramped and tightly packed suitcase. This hard sided over the shoulder boulder holder gadget is perfect for the job. Not only is it pretty, it is sturdy and can handle the crushing abuse at the hands of the airport baggage handlers.

I would normally pack three-four bras for an average trip and I was able to get this many in and the snaps closed tightly.

Always one for options I was able to pack some socks in the cup part of the bras so this gadget also got a thumbs up.

On their Facebook page the Brag Company said this about their product: FUN and FUNCTIONAL gear for the TRENDY TRAVELLER starting with the Bra Bag and Panty Pak. Travel in style and arrive in form!

If you are a Trendy traveller and DO invest in your foundation garments I would suggest this product. The product did everything that they stated on their website. The product information and pricing is very clear on the website. I did not order online so I cannot comment on the shipping and timelines for delivery. You can find them online at and they can also be purchased locally at The Girls Bra Shop.

I was given a complimentary set for this review and post.

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