Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Now available: Mastectomy bras and more

Real Women. Real Beauty. Real Bras.
That's what we say and it is what we believe too. The Girls spent the evening training with the Amoena rep on how to do fittings with mastectomy bras and breast forms. One of the comments the rep said as she was leaving was "how nice that these women can now have a place to shop, to be able to walk into a luxurious boutique like any other women, get fitted and find beautiful bras just for her." Reality is that most women in need of post breast surgery products have to go to some cold and sterile office to be fitted. Not the kind of environment a women wants to be in to shop for intimate apparel.

Above: Amoena's Mona Seamless Soft Cup in cognac
When we first opened the shop we wanted to make sure that our fittings for everyday bras were good before we got into mastectomy products. We have been open a year and a half now and the demand is growing. Women come into our shop and say how beautiful, the store, the product. They leave feeling beautiful. We want all women to have this experience. A few of my friends who have had either, lumpectomies or mastectomies have said to me "it would be so nice to walk into a lingerie store and be able to buy something pretty, off the rack." Well, now they can.

The Girls are adding mastectomy bras, swimsuits and breast forms to their collection. We carry products by Anita and Amoena. We have 3 staff who are trained by the Amoena rep and soon all staff will have the training required. It takes about an hour to do a fitting, so allow enough time, and once you have been fitted you can also shop via our online shop.
You can book your appointment online or call the store.
Left: Anita Care style 5756X in sand /rose

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