Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back To School Special

It's that time of year again. The air is crisp. The leaves are starting to turn and fall colours fill the clothing stores. Being a country girl, it was a big deal going Back To School shopping. Mom would pile us in the car and we would head to the city. I would have all my money saved from my summer jobs, a list of school supplies, and a copy of Seventeen magazine with all the cool styles and trends circled.

This was always a big day for me. As we headed into Kmart, my eyes would pop out of my head at all the new things just waiting for me. But there was always one thing I just had to have to start  the new school year with and that was the Back To School Kit. A big display in the center aisle, towering high with the FOR HIM kits and the FOR HER kits. There would be body lotion, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, razor, shaving cream, lip balm and gum. All for $3-$4. I always thought these were a great idea. From school to university I made sure to pick up one of these kits.

Well, Tammy and I thought what a great idea for the store too. Girls heading back to university are on a budget and they have so many things to get to make that new apartment or dorm room look great, not to mention the new wardrobe for strutting across campus. We all know the new clothes will look so much better with the right stuff underneath. So we decided to make it fun and easy by offering our own Back To School kits. We have put together some of our favorite things that we think will make you stand out on campus. And, at a price that won't kill your wallet. 

The great thing is, this special works for everyone's fall wardrobe: students, Teachers and anyone else who wants to add a little panache to their armoire. These kits are available in store only, while supplies last.

Back To School Special:
$48.99 Bra OR Panty Pak

Pak includes: 1 Change Bra OR 3 pairs of CK or Elita Panties, Celeste Socks, Forever New Soap 150g, and Laundry Bag.

That's over a $25 savings!

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