Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Too often we are finding Brides and bridal parties leaving a very critical part of their attire to the last minute. Thousands of dollars and many hours are spent on the bride’s and bridesmaids’ gowns and yet the foundational garments that are meant to make the dresses look good become an afterthought. Not everyone remembers to pay enough attention to what goes on underneath. In reality you should be finding the proper bra, corset, shapewear needed to work with your dress before forking over the cash. The right undergarments can make or break your dress.
Remember, 50% of all women are larger than a D cup. Most strapless bras do not come in the larger cup sizes and while we do try to keep as many sizes in stock as possible sometimes they have to be ordered in. Special Ordering can take several weeks and should not be left to the last minute. In addition, many gowns are constructed in such a way that finding undergarments that fit and don't show above the dress is tricky at best.
Know your size – while the statistics say 80% of women are wearing the wrong size we are finding the percentage to be much higher. Knowing your size is an important factor in getting a beautiful fit on your wedding day. A poor fit shows through the dress, creating unsightly bulges. Take the time to be properly fit.
Finding the right, corset, bra, or other undergarments can be done right. Just don't assume that your usual ones will do the job, and start shopping early. What you wear under your dress can make a big difference in what it looks like on the outside, so getting it right is important if you want to look your best on your big day. Every outfit begins with a good foundation.
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