Saturday, January 31, 2009

Caring for Your Bra

Your bra cares for you; you should care for your bra. Properly looking after your bra will prolong the life of the bra (adding up to 2 years of wear). We’ve laid out a few guidelines on washing, drying, storing, and even wearing your bra.

Washing Guidelines
We recommend that you always hand wash your bras after every 2-3 wears. Do not put your bra in your washing machine, no matter the style. Your bra is not made to withstand it. Putting your bra in a machine can:
  • twist the underwire of your bra causing them to come out
  • pull and stretch the bra back
  • crinkle the foam in T-Shirt bras causing it to lose its smoothing shape
  • void manufacturer guarantees as they test their bras for hand wash only

I can hear the groans of all of those busy women out there. No fear ladies, all that is required is simply soaking your bras for 10-15 minutes. That’s right, no scrubbing required or attention required.

Soak your bras in cold water. Use a sensitive soap that does not bleach or degrade lace and elastic. We use Forever New. Do not use standard laundry detergents; they are too harsh for the materials used in the manufacturing of your bra.

Drying Guidelines
Once you have hand washed your bras, be careful not to wring them out. Instead pat them dry with a towel and then hang them to drip dry. Your bra should dry overnight.

Never put your bra in the dryer. Even the cool setting on your dryer can ruin the elastic in your bra. It will also shrink the foam in your T-shirt bras and create wrinkles that will show under your clothing.

Storing Guidelines
T-Shirt bras need special attention. You should either hang your T-Shirt bra or lay it out, taking care not to dent the cup shape. Do not fold one cup into another.

Wearing Guidelines
How you wear your bras can prolong their life as well. As we mentioned in our Bra Wardrobe post, try to give your bra at least one day of rest between wears. Body heat tends to relax the fabric. Giving your bra a break will maintain the original shape and extend the life of the bra.

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