Friday, November 7, 2008

Your Bra Wardrobe

You wouldn’t wear the same shoes with every outfit. And you shouldn’t wear the same bra with everything either!

Your bra wardrobe should consist of a selection from each of the following three categories:

  • Everyday Bras
  • Special Occasion Bras
  • Sports Bras

Traditional thinking says that each woman should have a small collection of EVERYDAY BRAS in black, white, and nude. We don’t agree. Your EVERYDAY BRAS CAN BE FUN TOO! Choose colors based on what you wear. If you wear white, choose a nude bra so you don’t see the bra under the shirt. Do not wear a white bra under white. If you wear dark colors, you can choose a bra in black or in another fun color. I have a fabulous blue and red bra that I wear under my black shirts. It makes me feel so pretty and doesn’t show through my shirt.

Rule of thumb is to have 5 to 7 EVERYDAY BRAS. We all do it, but you should not wear a bra for a few days in a row. Instead alternate your bras throughout the week, giving the bra a break. The reason for this is that body heat tends to relax the fabric. Giving your bra a break will maintain the original shape and extend the life of the bra.

You should also vary the style of your EVERYDAY BRAS depending on what you wear. A T-Shirt bra will give you smooth lines under figure hugging clothing while a lace bra will shape you beautifully under a knit sweater.

So enough about everyday, what about SPECIAL OCCASIONS? What is your special occasion? Are you going to the masquerade ball? A strapless bra may work perfectly with that dress. Maybe you are going out for an evening of dinner and dancing? Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to a lacey set for when you want to feel your best? Whatever the outfit or occasion, there is a bra designed for it. Sometimes I wear an indulgent lacey set under my everyday clothes….just because.

If you lead an active lifestyle, you should also invest in SPORTS BRAS with good bounce control. This will not only keep the girls comfortable while you are working out or competing on the field, it will keep your breasts healthier and perkier longer. With age the connective tissues that hold your breast up slacken and cause sagging. This is accelerated with the bouncing from physical activity. If you exercise everyday, you should have more than one SPORTS BRA to alternate throughout the week. Again, this extends the life of the bra and eliminates the icky factor of re-wearing a sweaty bra.

With today’s designs you have so many options open to you in style and color. Build a bra wardrobe that not only suits your lifestyle and personality, but that you love.
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