Friday, October 31, 2008

Fit fully

Women still need bra-fitters, but they are a dying breed. We're expected to go to department stores and try bras on ourselves. I wore the same size bra through my 20’s and 30’s. I even wore the same brand and style. I would make my trek to the department store and try on countless styles and sizes and always leave with the same style and size that I started out with. Does this sound familiar? When I finally got fitted by a professional bra fitter, not only was I shocked by my new size but I felt so much better. Beside the back and neck pain disappearing, I lost inches from the new and improved lift.

Did you know that the average woman's breasts change size, shape and distribution at least six times during her life? That's why it’s so important to get a professional bra fitting and only wear bras that fit you properly! Ill-fitting bras can cause stress, back aches, headaches and other problems.

As part of the preparations for our grand opening the girls are being shipped off to receive their training and become professional bra fitters. This is so exciting. Beautiful bras, proper fit and sizes galore all in a store that has you in mind.

The Girls Bra Shop Inc. was designed by women, for women as an exclusive and welcoming place to shop for intimate apparel. We understand that bra shopping can be overwhelming and intimidating. Ann and Tammy are here to guide women to the styles and items that fit their bodies and lives.

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