Saturday, September 28, 2013

Product Review: Hanky Panky

We've talked about Hanky Panky a lot over the years. We've loved them from the first day we opened The Girls Bra Shop five years ago; being the first to bring them to you in New Brunswick.

So what exactly is Hanky Panky and why do we love them so much?

Hanky Panky holds claim to the world's most comfortable thong. Their thongs have an "abbreviated back which sits between the cheeks ensuring no visible panty line (VPL). " Now let's be clear on this: they sit between the cheeks. What I personally love about Hanky Panky is that their thongs don't climb up between the cheeks but sit perfectly between. This alone has me agreeing with their claim to be the world's most comfortable thong.

What I also love about Hanky Panky is the material they use. Not only is it beautiful and appealing to my love of all things feminine and pretty but the soft stretch lace provides a snug fit in the places I want it and yet doesn't cut in to my hips.

The thongs come in original rise, low rise, one size and plus size.

But that's not all Hanky Panky is great at. We are also big fans of their boy shorts, tank tops and bralettes. The medium rise, full-coverage panty is great under your favorite outfits as well as lounging around with your favorite matching tank top. Their tank tops and bralettes provide the comfort Hanky Panky fans have come to expect, above the waist.

Hanky Panky boy shorts, tank tops and bralettes come in the extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large sizing. They also have the plus size options in the boy short and tank top.

There is always time for Hanky Panky.

Ann and Tammy
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