Sunday, June 9, 2013

Know Your Shape: Full

Last week we look at the pointed and thin breast shapes. This week we look at full breast shapes.

Please note: There are exceptions. You may be more than one shape discussed. I recommend that you still work with a professional fitter you trust, trying on the different styles, to truly see what works best on you.

Round and Full

The round and full breast shape is the most common and most sought after shape. The breasts are exactly that, round with equal fullness on all sides of the breast. Women with round and full breasts are fortunate as most bras are designed with their breast shape in mind.

  • While most bras can fit this breast shape, we recommend:
  • Demi and balcony bras that are cut lower and less likely to cause pillowing
  • Full coverage bras for the most lift and support and will cover the full breast and not cut across the top. 


Structure is important to a round and full breast shape. We caution against foam lined t-shirt bras unless they are firm, as they will not give the lift and support a full breast requires.

Full on Top

The full on top breast shape appears fuller above the nipple.


  • Demi and balcony bras that are cut lower and less likely to cause pillowing


The top of bras can cause pillowing with this breast shape.

Full on Bottom

The full on bottom breast shape appears fuller below the nipple.


  • Bras that push up on the bottom of the breast for a more rounded look
  • Foam lined and padded t-shirt bras for a rounded look


The full on bottom breast shape is not likely to fill out a full coverage or demi cut bra and will leave a space not looking quite round or full.

Full on Sides

The full on sides breast shape appears fuller on the sides of the breast. It may appear to extend beyond the rib cage.


  • 3 or 4 part bras, like balcony and full coverage for the best support and to center the breast
  • Look for bras that are not stretchy
  • Optionally, plunge


This breast shape should avoid typical t-shirt bras unless they are firm and specifically designed for this particular shape. They will not give the support needed for this breast shape.
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