Sunday, June 23, 2013

Know Your Shape: Athletic and Uneven

We've already taken a look at pointed, thin and full breast shapes. Let's take a look at two more: athletic and uneven.

The athletic breast shape is usually referred to as flat. They tend to have less fatty tissue with little cleavage between the two breasts.


  • Padded or pushup t-shirt bras to enhance the size
  • Bandeaus and bralettes for coverage and no nipple chafing
Plunging bras are not going to suit this breast shape.


All women have one breast different from than the other. With some women this is more prominent than typical.

  • Foam lined t-shirt bras to balance the appearance of the breasts
  • Cookies (typically silicon shapes that can be added to the bra) to balance the appearance
  • Full coverage bras with stretchy lace that will form to the shape of each breast
Plunge bras can show off the unevenness in this breast shape.

That concludes the Know Your Shape series. I had a lot of fun writing it. And remember there are exceptions. You may be more than one shape discussed or maybe not quite any of them. This is only a guideline, I recommend that you work with a professional fitter you trust, trying on the different styles, to truly see what works best on you.

Ann and Tammy
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