Sunday, December 30, 2012

Foundation of Good Style

When searching for the perfect outfit don't forget the foundation.

The proper foundation will make your outfit go from good to perfect. They are comfortable and provide outstanding support that enhance your figure.

You know your trouble area. But do you know what piece of shapewear you need? Here is a quick top to bottom guide to help you find the perfect piece for your silhouette.

Shape and enhance your bust with bust shapers and silicone enhancements, also known as cookies.

Body shapers are designed to provide full body coverage and shaping from the bust down to the tummy and hips

Waist shapewear is ideal to accent your curves. It comes in a variety of styles from slip to briefs with an elongated waist band that extends just below your bra line. The proper fitting piece will not roll. Sizing will depend on your torso length as well as your waist and hip measurements.

Tummy control shapewear provides support in the front to flatten your tummy and give you a smooth silhouette.

Use panty shapers to flatten your tummy and lift your rear.

Thigh shapers provide the same benefits as panty shapers while shaping and supporting your thigh. Most include a special grip to prevent rolling.

Shapewear comes in a variety of colors and support levels from industrial knock you down a size to light gentle smoothing. You can choose the amount of control, support and smoothing that suits your figure and lifestyle.

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