Thursday, May 31, 2012

Healthy Breast for a Healthy Life – Digital Infrared Imaging Breast Scan – Year 2

Once again this year Ann and I road tripped with several friends and family to Moncton for our second Digital Infrared Imaging (DDI) breast scan, clinically referred to as thermography.  Perhaps you remember that our reports from our scans last year were varied with some of us scoring TH-1 (normal, healthy breast tissue) all the way to TH-4 (abnormal cell activity).  Although thermography is not considered a diagnostic tool for determining breast cancer, it does alert us to unusual changes in our breast tissue.  Naturally, the higher the score, the higher the risk of cancer being present or developing over time.  Armed with this information, our doctor can now schedule tests to hone in on any negatively affected area, and determine a plan of action.   

Thermography is used to monitor the function of breast tissue, detecting breast tissue changes five to eight years before the development of a mass large enough to be seen with mammography or ultrasound, or be felt in an examination.  These facts are deemed accurate by health professionals in both Canada and the US, but to date this test is only available in the Maritimes through private clinics. 

An infrared breast scan is painless, and provides women with another means of fighting breast cancer.  Consider the benefits derived from early diagnosis, and perhaps next year you will decide to join us.  If enough Saint John women are interested, it is likely a local venue will be provided.  We will keep you posted.

For more information on thermography, and a description of the examination process visit our post from last year: New (to Us) Breast Screening Method

Ann and Tammy
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