Monday, March 19, 2012

Update: Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer

In a previous blog posting entitled Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer, I outlined the benefits of using an aluminum free deodorant to foster breast health.  Although there is not 100% agreement amongst professions that using deodorants containing aluminum can lead to breast cancer, the facts are there, and are worth considering.

Within the article, I provided several samples of aluminum free deodorant products available locally.  Well now another has hit the market - Nivea Pure and Natural Action.  It is aluminum free and toted to provide 24 hour odour protection via a special formula containing bio-florine, an antibacterial ingredient inspired by nature, which controls odour causing bacteria.  This deodarant stick lets your skin breathe without clogging the pores.  Nivea Pure and Natural Action comes in two types, roll-on or stick; and in two scents, jasmine and lotus.  It is also black shirt friendly.

I recently gave the deodorant stick a try, and it does provide the protection I need for everyday activities.  It flows on nicely, without dragging, and the scent is gentle and unassuming.

I recommend giving this aluminum free deodarant product a try.  Remember, information is power; the choice is now up to you.

Ann and Tammy

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