Friday, February 17, 2012

Referral Draw

Girls talk. We tell each other everything. Especially when we are excited and finally found that perfect item. Ann still reminds me of when I finally found pretty bras that fit me how I would flash her on our Sunday night walks down Vincent Rd. So I know from personal experience that you are doing the same thing. Giggle.

And because we love giving things away and wanting to thank you our clients for your support: Ann, Kim, and I have decided to have a February Referral Draw. 

For the month of February, if your friend comes in to either of our locations and tells one of our staff that you referred them, you and your friend will be entered in for a draw to win a large bottle of Forever New each. 

Here are the nitty-gritty details:

When we hear that your friend is visiting us because you referred them, we will add both of your names to a single ballot. One ballot, two names. When the ballot is drawn both names on the winning ballot will receive a large bottle of Forever New. Each referral will increase your chances of winning. 

Ann and Tammy

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