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Antiperspirants and Breast Cancer

Many people will argue that there in not enough conclusive evidence to support the connection between antiperspirants and breast cancer. But what constitutes sufficient proof when it comes to your breast health, recognizing that in 2011 an estimated 23,400 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and 5,100 will die of it (Canadian Cancer Society).

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Here’s the story. Aluminum-based compounds, the active ingredient in antiperspirants, form temporary plugs within the sweat duct that stop the flow of sweat to the skin's surface, and control odour. Studies suggest that these compounds may be absorbed by the skin, causing estrogen-like effects, promoting the growth of hormonal based cancer cells.

A recent study from the Reading University found that cancerous tumours are most likely to appear in the parts of the female breast closest to where antiperspirants are applied. Of women studied, the cysts in the armpit area of the breast had 25 times more aluminum than the common amount found in blood.

If a link to breast cancer isn’t enough to make you reconsider using aluminum-free antiperspirants, consider this: most antiperspirants not only include aluminum-based compounds, but up to 20 other toxic chemicals. Studies are now showing that continuous exposure to toxic chemicals in personal hygiene products, such as antiperspirants, may also be related to allergic reactions, and Alzheimer’s.

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So what’s the answer? There are now several aluminum-free deodorant products on the market offering women a choice. Unlike antiperspirants, natural deodorants do not block sweat, but help eliminate odour and prevent bacteria from growing. Aluminum-free deodorant many not work for you in every situation, but studies show it is definitely worth considering. There are times when I find I cannot go without using an aluminum-based antiperspirant, when I just need that extra assurance. But those times are becoming less frequent, and I feel good about the choice I have made. Remember, information is power; the choice to use it is up to you.

If you are interested in making the move to an aluminum-free deodorant, you can find them at your favorite speciality store such as, The Feel Good Store and Naturally for Life The Eco Store, as well as local drug and department stores such as. I have tried and enjoyed the products shown throughout this post.

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