Monday, June 6, 2011

A Night at The Inn

A fitting began my journey as a model for fun,
The staff and other participants - laughing and bonding - we became like one!

The night of the show, I couldn't wait to go!
My make up on, bejeweled and with the clothes fitting so well, I sure was feeling swell.

I was feeling glamorous and happy not to mention proud.
A neat experience, a great charitable cause - wow, confidence abound! 

Aware my body is not an air brushed model but a great reality,
I wanted to show the ladies of the audience no matter the age or size - all that they can be!

The products from the Girls Bra Shop, the organization they supported and the comraderie - made this event a wonderful empowering experience for me!

Barb MacLean

Writing about her experience as a model at The Girls Bra Shop Fashion Show Fundraiser. We were so excited she could join us. She owned that runway!

Real women. Real bras. Real beauty.
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