Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New (To Us) Breast Screening Method, Digital Infrared Imaging

A friend recently introduced Ann and I to a new, non invasive method of breast screening called Digital Infrared Imaging (DII). Using a digital infrared camera and a high speed computer, the metabolic activity in the breast cells are measured, identifying potential problem areas 5 - 8 years before a mass is large enough to be seen with mammography. Since approximately 26 percent of all cancers in women occur in the breast, we felt it was our responsibility to learn more about the process so we could pass the information on to other women. Information is power, and the more we understand about our breast health the better armed we are against breast cancer. In November the date for our DII appointment was set, and last week we travelled to Moncton for the procedure.

Upon arrival, we were asked to fill out a questionnaire regarding our breast history. Moving to a private room, we undressed to the waist and for ten minutes let our breast adjust to the cool room temperature. Cooled down and ready to move on, we posed with our hands on our head while three pictures of our whole chest, breasts, and armpit area were taken, each from a different angle. Our hands were then placed in a 10 °C water bath for 1 minute. With the “cold challenge” complete, another batch of pictures was taken and, voila, it was over. Quick, simple, non-invasive, painless, respectful and professional! It was as easy as having a fitting by the girls at The Girls Bra Shop.

A certified thermologist will now analyze the images, and within six weeks, barring a postal strike, we will each receive a report outlining our current breast health as seen through the eye of a digital infrared camera. The same report will also be forwarded to two practitioners of our choice. With 88% accuracy, changes in our breast tissue function will be identified giving us a heads up of potential problem areas. In many cases, with early detection, health professionals can work to eradicate problems before they become a mass of cancer cells.

Digital Infrared Imaging is not meant to replace other screening methods such as mammography, but is a valuable first step assessment that can be done by any one at any time after puberty, regardless of your breast type (dense, pregnant, breastfeeding, fibrocystic, etc.) DII is just another tool enabling health management through practical and proactive knowledge. The following websites provide more information:,, and

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