Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Let Your Straps Show - Tammy's Pick

Exposed Envy straps
are so perfect with my
purple strapless dress
A few years ago I was traveling in the Asia Pacific and stumbled upon decorative bra straps while visiting a Mega Mall. I was entranced by all of the fun patterns and glamourous details. How brilliant! Convert strapless and multi-way bras into a fashion accessory. I was hooked. Thinking I'd go back before going home I decided to take my time in deciding just what styles I wanted. There were just so many to choose from.

As you can guess, I didn't make it back to the mall and have been looking for fashion straps ever since. So when I first saw a similar collection here in Saint John, I didn't hesitate and bought a set immediately for myself. And we now have them for sale in the store as well. So love them!

Ann and Tammy
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