Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out of the Box

Richard Chamberlain and Billie Holiday had it right: "No two people are alike". They were talking about taste but it holds true physically as well.

Notice the difference?
No two women have the same body shape, shoe size, arm length, and yes breast shape. Some breasts are large, some are small, some are denser than others, some are perkier, some are high and rounded, some start low but still rounded, some are flat at the end near the nipple, some are closer together than others, some have one significant larger than the other....and so on. Our breasts are unique to us.

Because of how unique each woman's breasts are it's hard to find a bra that works for you. That's why getting a fitting and knowing what works on you is so important. The style that your BFF likes may not be what works for you, even if you are the same size. What might give her good cleavage could be cutting off your air supply.

Every woman is different
Go to a bra boutique and get a professional fitting. I'm not talking about your local department store. I'm talking about a place that has a collection of bras from designers and manufacturers who spend their time and money researching the construction of the breast and how best to support the varying shapes and sizes out there. Any fitter in these boutiques will be able to help you narrow down what bras are going to best flatter and support you.

You don't live in a box and neither should your breasts.

Images take from http://www.dalerae.com/fitting/sidetorsocomp.jpg.
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