Monday, May 31, 2010

Do your ears hang low...

As we were discussing this blog entry and what we wanted to write, this song kept coming to mind and hummed by either one of us spontaneously. It’s been awhile since we have addressed the issues and complaints of a poor fitting bra and now that the winter jackets are back in the closet we see it is time to draw attention to these grievances again.

We so often hear clients tell us that the back is riding up, the straps keep falling down, their cup runneth over. So what do you do? Well, you should head to the Girls Bra Shop for a fitting, where the Girls will take time to not only measure but find the right bra that will give you the support and comfort you are looking for. The following are some of the more common complaints:

My underwire digs in and hurts” Many women visit us saying this and are convinced that they never want to wear an underwire again. In most cases they are wearing the wrong cup size. If the cup is too small naturally it will dig and cause chafing and irritation. By getting a proper fitting and increasing the cup size you allow the wire to surround the breast and lay flat against your side without poking or digging in.

My straps keep falling” Now some woman may need more of a racerback style or straps that come in closer because they may have narrow shoulders but most often the reason the straps are falling is because they need to adjusted. Much like if your belt is on too loose a notch, your pants will come down so are the straps of your bra. If they are too loose, they will slide off your shoulders. Keep in mind that most women have one breast larger than the other; therefore your straps may need to be adjusted differently to ensure the straps fit comfortably.

I’m bulging over the top” We call this pillowing, it sounds so much nicer than bulging. This can ruin the look of your favourite Tshirt or sweater. Your breasts should fill the cup of the bra but not overflow. If you are coming out of the top of your bra, the cup is too small. If you are limiting yourself to shopping only at department stores than you may not have many options to fix this problem. At The Girls we carry bras up to a K cup. Having the right cup size will eliminate the pillowing as well as slim your look down.

I am always pulling my band down. I can’t keep it from riding up.” We have all fallen victim to this one at one time or another. If the band is riding up it must be too loose. Whether the bra is worn out and stretched or you bought it too big to begin with, the solution is simple. Make the band tighter. You need to have the band snug in order for it to stay in place. I can hear some of you saying “I don’t like the back fat” I realize this is a concern however a bigger concern should be that your breast are being properly supported. Another reason your band may be riding up in the back could be that the straps are too tight. Loosen up a bit. Women mistakenly tighten the straps to give them the lift and support. Your support should be coming from the band not the straps.

If you experience these or other problems call the Girls or go online ( and book an appointment. They will take the time and care to address your concerns and find the perfect fit for you. We have over 20 brands and styles, including Underwire, Wireless, Sport, Nursing, and Mastectomy to choose from. In sizes ranging from 28 to 54 bands and AAA to K cups. Our collection is made up of some of the finest bras from all over the world including Freya, Fantasie, Chantelle, Antinea, Empreinte and Charnos. Soon we will be adding Curvy Kate and Hot Milk – watch for details.

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